Isabel de Sena | Curator

Isabel de Sena | Curator
Isabel de Sena is a Berlin-based independent curator specializing in Contemporary Performative Arts, Queer-Feminist Theory, and Art Science & Technology Studies. She holds an M.Phil. in Fine Art from University of Reading (2021) and an MA in Art History from Leiden University (2015).

Isabel’s recent work includes projects at FACT Liverpool, 3hd/Creamcake Berlin, Art Laboratory Berlin, European Media Arts Festival (EMAF), diffrakt Berlin, Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, Barbican Centre London, transmediale Berlin, Migros Museum Zurich, Pasadena Arts Council L.A., and Tokyo Wondersite. Her texts have been published among others in Paradoxa (Climate Fictions), 'The Beautiful Warriors: Technofeminist Practices in the 21st Century' (ed. Cornelia Sollfrank), and 'Intersubjectivity III: Identity and Intimacy' (ed. Lou Cantor), and she was co-editor in 2016 for DAAD Berlin. Isabel has lectured internationally at art academies such as California Institute of the Arts, School of Art Kassel, and Zurich University of the Arts. She is currently lecturer at NODE Center for Curatorial Studies Berlin.