Assaf Gruber
Binding, 2011, single-channel video, 6:00 min

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Binding, 2011
single-channel video, 6 min, 16:9

Binding is a moving image artwork that deals with the act of sculpting as an act of marking territories and sacrificing: A father and his son find themselves alone, naked, and lost on the golf course of Caesarea. They seek a sign, a revelation, an answer for an unknown inner conflict but nothing seems to appear. They are unable to find a way to ease the tension that seems to characterize their relationship with the landscape. The dichotomy between the awkward aesthetics of the contrived nature of the golf course and the latitude of the naked bodies creates a phantasmagorical tale about the relationship between myth, modern culture, and the human desire to mark territory.

Written and Directed by Assaf Gruber

Production: Green Productions

Actors: Eyal Yonati, Izhar Yonati

Music: Eyal Yonati

Director of photography: Elad Debi

Camera 2: David Stragmeister

First D.O.P assistant: Amnon Haas

Editing: Sima Khatami

Stage Design: Heela Hare