17.09. - 04.11.
screening Lindenstrasse 35 Berlin,
daily 6 pm – 12 am

Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke
Civil Twilight at the Vernal Equinox, 2021, 12:09 min

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Single-channel HD video, 13 min 28 sec, 2021
Courtesy of the artists

Civil Twilight at the Vernal Equinox is an experimental speculative fiction film that addresses the complexities of interspecies relationships in an age of mass extinction. It proposes a future in which fuel can be refined from feelings—and in which the highest octane is produced from the feelings we get from experiences we call "cute” (looking at baby animals, interspecies love, children swearing). By suggesting that cuteness could solve the climate crisis and save the world, we draw attention to the way that notions linked to femininity (cute, gossip, vanity, etc) are derided as trivial and divested of their real potential.

Voice actor: Cooper Battersby as Kyle K
Actress: Sarah Kingsbury Evans as Nell Turing
Acknowledgements: Marianne Boruch, Krista Davis, Nazli Dincel, Carl Geiger, Khawla Ibraheem, Jerry Lieblich, Rebecca Manley, Jeanine Tesori.
Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.