17.09. - 04.11.
screening Lindenstrasse 35 Berlin,
daily 6 pm – 12 am

Sanna Kannisto
Observing Eye: Cyanistes caeruleus, 4:23 min, 2019

Sanna Kannisto’s artistic approach is characterised by the method she uses to separate the animal from its original context by setting up the shooting situation in a field studio and thus putting up the subject of the shoot for inspection in an artificial environment. Observation is central to the process and to the final works: Kannisto actively studies the bird and the bird simultaneously looks back. The video brings the viewers unusually close to birds that we perhaps normally only hear through a distant song. Sanna Kannisto’s works are in dialogue with the traditions of scientific research and scientific illustration, seeking balance between objectivity and the aesthetic. Her project reveals a variety of approaches; studying the means of producing scientific information, relationships between art and science, culture and nature, and finally ecological and ethical considerations.