25 April – 15 June
screening at Lindenstr 35
daily, 8 – 10 pm


Image to Image is a project launched by Persons Projects in 2021 which was supported by "Projekt Neustart Kultur Berlin”. It is a platform featuring exhibitions that can be experienced in real life and online. We have created a large screen presentation facing the street on the outside wall of one of our exhibition spaces at Lindenstraße 35, visible for everyone who is passing by. Daily, selected works are exhibited in a loop, and in addition accessible at all times on our online platform.Image to Image is dedicated to supporting and cultivating video, experimental film and performance with a special focus on the Nordic region. Prepared by renowned international curators, the exhibitions are thematically organized and explore and question various current issues. The project aims to encourage artistic dialogue and cultural exchanges between the Nordic and international art world.
Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, cultural institutions, galleries and alternative spaces have been closed or reduced to limited visitations from the public. People in general have been spending more time in their private domains as a result. Moving Image Art belongs to the here and now and has never been more relevant. As the art world continues to adapt to these new realities, Image to Image, with its large outside screen and online platform, is Persons Projects’ direct response to facing the cultural challenges of today. By placing the exhibition also online, we offer the viewers the possibility to experience the artworks without any time restrictions. Image to Image offers the possibility to experience digital art on the highest international level, inviting audiences to discover emerging as well as more established artists in a new form of exhibition.

Asia Zak Persons (creator and director), Hannah Glauner (co-creator), Kinga Klyk (assistant), Nora Stölten (assistant).