25 April – 15 June
screening at Lindenstr 35
daily, 8 – 10 pm

Dominik Lejman
Breaking Perspective

Breaking Perspective (Reenactments with Bianca O'Brien), 2024
1:41 min

Based on 'medical' photographic records of the sanctuary's inmates, Lejman's series displays a constructive discourse on stereotypes and common beliefs about mental disorders. Lejman paired up his paintings with ephemeral ghostly scenes of a female figure, based both on religious representation in art history and photographic archives of the former mental hospital at San Servolo. The body is being presented as an object, directed frontally by a pair of hands, wrapped in a white cloth that seems to represent both a straightjacket, and a cloth taken directly from the Baroque tenebristic painting. The ephemeral projection emphasize the innovative hybrid form of Lejman’s works – stressing the absence of representation. Leaving behind the canvas to be looked at, ‘the projected absence’ makes it evident that the painting is far more than just the projection surface.