17.09. - 04.11.
screening Lindenstrasse 35 Berlin,
daily 6 pm – 12 am

Liinu Grönlund and Okku Nuutilainen
Observe These Words, 2020, 7:25 min

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Single-channel HD video, 7 min 25 sec, 2021
Courtesy of the artists and Av-Arkki

Small endangered amphibians live their life in captivity, constantly being monitored by researchers. The wild and the artificial, the past and the future are simultaneously present. Should we fight against the prophecy of destruction, or should we just surrender to the apocalyptic story? What kind of realities and futures do we construct inside our minds and in the outside world, and how do these narratives affect our futures?

Concept, direction, editing and production: Liinu Grönlund & Okku Nuutilainen
Cinematographer: Anna Antsalo
Voice actor: Okku Nuutilainen
Composer: Mikko Levoska
Funded by the Kone Foundation and filmed on location at the Paignton Zoo, England